Oppie's  Labradors

M.J. / Brody - yellows


born 11/22/18 - ready mid January

This breeding has the potential to produce all 3 colors.   Deposits full at this time. 

This breeding will result in an all light yellow litter.  Both males and females available.  Accepting deposits now.

Jezebel / Moose - blacks and chocolates

Upcoming litters


This breeding will result in an all yellow litter - ranging in shades of medium to light yellow.   Both males and females available. Accepting deposits now.

born 12/4 - ready end January

born 11/19/18 - Ready mid-January

Skye / Deuce - yellows

We are currently accepting deposits on the following litters.  Puppies are picked in the order deposits are received.  We do not make people pick out their pups until they are ready to go as puppies change so much in such a short period of time and we feel you cannot fully assess personality and temperament until this time as well.  Pick-ups will be arranged in order of deposits, at which time you can come pick out your pup and take it home with you then.  Deposits are NON-REFUDABLE, unless for some reason a puppy becomes unavailable, or if the color/sex you have requested is not produced.  In these cases, deposits can either be moved to another litter or we will issue a full refund.  We reserve the right to keep pick of litter if at any time we feel a puppy meets our high standards of breeding quality, in which case all deposit holders will moved back one pick.  We realize that this may cause inconvenience to some, but this option is necessary in order for us to keep our dogs' lineage going and continue producing quality pups in the future.  Thank you in advance for your understanding



Kiya / Brody - all colors

This breeding will produce blacks and chocolates.   Accepting deposits now.

due beginning  Dec - ready beginning Feb