Oppie's  Labradors

​Oppie's BA Oklahoma Cinch, aka "Cinch", is our big handsome chocolate stud.  He has a dense double coat, perfect conformation,  heavy bone structure, a beautiful blocky head, and that characteristic short thick "otter" tail.   Cinch is the epitome of everything an "English" lab should be...not only in appearance, but also in his AMAZING temperament...calm, loving, gentle, mellow, and eager-to-please only begin to describe this guy.  He has produced some wonderful offspring for us and we have received nothing but praises on his puppies!  We are blessed to have him as a part of our breeding program.   Cinch has an OUTSTANDING pedigree full of famous names...GINGERBRED, TABATHA'S, QUAILWOOD, KEEPSAKE, KELLEYGREENS, HAMPSHIRE, SIMMERDOWN, NAIKEN, WITHEROW, EPOCH...just to name a few!! 

These are our 2 new studs.  DNA testing is done and both are CLEAR of all 7 recessive genes commonly tested for in Labradors including EIC, PRA, CNM, DM, HNPK, Hyperuricosuria, & Cystinuria to ensure healthy offspring.  Looking forward to seeing the beautiful puppies they will produce!

Oppie's Breaking Bad Brody is our "white/cream" stud, classified as the lightest shade of yellow by the AKC.  His pedigree boasts some of the most sought after names in the country names such as MANDIGO, DOUBLEPLAY, LEGACY, DRUMMOND, & BALCROFT, along with several championship titles, both in field/agility and in conformation.  Brody is a lean, muscular guy with good build, nice wide chissled head, and great muzzle.  He has a slightly higher drive, LOVES anything water, is obedient to a T, and has a great natural on/off switch.  His puppies tend to possess these traits as well, making them a great multi-purpose addition suited to most all family situations. 

" Cinch "

​​​" Moose "

​​​Up and Coming....

​​​" Brody "

​​​" Zeke " (at 1 year)