Oppie's Jujubee, aka " Juju ", is a cream/ivory colored girl we kept from one of our own litters (Whiskey / Drifter-retired ).  She has a short build, but is slightly less blocky than most of our other girls, and slightly smaller framed.  Juju is very happy-go-lucky and has an eager, playful personality.  She is a friend of all and does not place her loyalties with any one person.  Though she is out of English lines, her sire's lines were more geared toward agility and field ability than show or conformation standards.  Lines include BORADORS, DOVETAIL, KEEPSAKE, HAPPY-TRAILS, SHO-ME, RICKWAY, MCKEEVERS, RAINTREE, VISIONS, and MORE​We breed Juju to Brody, resulting in an all cream/ivory/light yellow litter.  Puppies from this pairing will have a 50% chance of carrying a recessive chocolate gene. 

​Oppie's Kahlua Bella Buzz, aka "Bella", is an almost white girl registered with the AKC as the lightest shade of yellow.  She is extremely short and stocky with a "masculine" type face rarely seen in females.  Nice blocky head, well pronounced stop, short nose, and the characteristic short thick "otter" tail.  She is a super friendly, happy-go-lucky girl that craves attention and never meets a stranger.  Obedient, eager-to-please, and always excited to go anywhere at the drop of a hat.  Her lines include DOVETAIL, SHO-ME, DICKENDALL, SUNNYBROOK, RAINTREE, SANDYLAND, HAPPY-TRAILS, ROCHEBY, RICKWAY,MCKEEVERS, VISIONS, as well as many championship titles.   ​We breed Bella to Brody, producing white/cream/light yellow puppies with dominant black pigment.  Pups have 50% chance of carrying recessive chocolate. 

​Oppie's Phoenix Rising, aka "Phoenix", is a gorgeous black female out of our own Whiskey(retired) and Cinch.  She has a very wide and stocky build and a super short thick "otter" tail.  Phoenix comes from well-known English show lines with her pedigree boasting names such as KEEPSAKE, KELLEYGREENS, DICKENDALL, BORADORS, SHO-ME, DOVETAIL, SANDYLAND, SIMMERDOWN, EPOCH, AND MANY MORE!  Phoenix has a sweet and gentle personality and is as laid back as they come, even "lazy".  She carries chocolate(from dad) and yellow(from mom).​  Depending on who she is bred to, Phoenix has the potential to throw all 3 colors of puppies.

Mocha is a beautiful dark chocolate girl with a nice thick coat and very short thick "otter" tail and excellent conformation.  She is extremely laid back and content no matter what.  She's very loyal and will stay by your side EVERY minute of the day through anything you're doing. Mocha is grand champion sired  by EPOCH'S MOCCASIN JOE and comes from may amazing lines .  Her pedigree boasts bloodlines such as EPOCH'S, QUAIL CHASE, WINDFALL, KEEPSAKE, BONAVENTURE, WILLCARE, OAKFELLS, OULSMI, BANNER, and many more and include numerous champs and grand champs.  Mocha is dominant chocolate and does not carry yellow, so when bred with a chocolate male, she will produce all chocolate litters.  

​" Indie "

" Jezebel "

" Bella "

" Juju "

" River "

​Oppie's Indie Rock Legend, aka "Indie", is a sweet gentle chocolate girl from our own breeding of Cinch and Chili.  She is on the smaller side, running between 50 & 55 lbs, but has a nice thick compact body and short tail. Indie loves to play fetch and carries EVERYTHING softly in her mouth.   Her pedigree includes  KEEPSAKE, KELLEYGREENS, SIMMERDOWN, EPOCH, GINGERBRED, NAIKEN, and more.  Indie has the potential to throw all 3 colors in her litters depending who she is bred to.  

" Mocha "

​Oppie's Muddy River Renegade, aka "River", is a light chocolate girl produced by our own breeding of Cinch & Jezebel.  She is slightly taller than some of our others, but still has the stocky, muscular build and blocky head.  River has a nice drive and will play and run, but has no problem calming down when it's time.  Her lines include MANDIGO, KEEPSAKE, KELLEYGREEN, TABATHA'S, LEGACY, DOUBLEPLAY, DRUMMOND, BALCROFT, GINGERBRED, FAIRVIEW, EPOCH, NAIKEN, SIMMERDOWN...just to name a few!!!  ​We breed River to Moose, resulting in all chocolate litters.

Oppie's  Labradors

Oppie's Godless Jezebel, aka "Jezebel", is a stunning jet black female we kept from one of our own litters ( Riesen/Brody ).  She is very short and stocky and has a silky, shiny waterproof double coat.   Jezebel is one of the self-proclaimed "queen bees" of the pack here and has a slightly more dominant personality.  She is always the first out the gate to go exploring, the first in her spot for feedings, and the one initiating "rowdy time" and getting the others going playing - blame it on the name!  Despite being the trouble-maker, she is loveable, outgoing, and friendly to ALL and never meets a stranger.  Her champion bloodlines include lots of greats...MANDIGO, KEEPSAKE, KELLEYGREEN, TABATHA'S, LEGACY, DOUBLEPLAY, DRUMMOND, BALCROFT, GINGERBRED, FAIRVIEW, EPOCH, NAIKEN, SIMMERDOWN...just to name a few!!!   We breed Jezebel to Cinch, producing a mixture of chocolate and black puppies  All puppies from this pairing will carry a recessive chocolate gene and some will carry recessive yellow.

" Phoenix"